Feedback as a service

On-Demand Consulting for Your Content Team

Work with our team of expert strategists, writers and editors to improve every aspect of your content marketing: strategy, editorial calendar, style guide and content.

Content marketing is harder than ever.

Most industries are crammed with competitors vying for the same audience. Chances are, you’re up against companies with a significant head-start—not to mention bigger teams and bigger marketing budgets.

You might have felt the pain. Your traffic has plateaued, or even dipped. Your articles never quite make the first page, and that trickle of conversions rarely amounts to meaningful revenue.

That’s where we come in.

Animalz offers structured feedback designed to
improve your entire content marketing program.

You’ll get access to our to team of expert strategists, writers and editors, and learn from our experience
developing content marketing strategy for 100+ startups, SMBs and enterprise companies.

Think of it like pair programming for content marketing. We’ll provide the guidance, expertise and perspective you need to improve every aspect of your content marketing, achieve better ROI, and accelerate your team's development.

You already know how to create content.

We’ll show you how to make it world-class.

Here's what you'll get:

A team of trusted advisors

We’ll provide ongoing feedback on your content strategy, content calendar, keyword research, article ideas and more. Improve your work and level-up your team at the same time.

Don’t have a content strategy yet? We’ll walk you through the process we’ve used to develop content strategy for companies including Hire by Google, Shopify, Wistia and AdEspresso.

Feedback on ideas, outlines & drafts

Get candid feedback from our strategists and editors on every article your team creates. We'll review your outlines and help you optimize posts for search.

We'll teach you our process for creating world-class content time and time again.

A valuable resource for your content team

We’ll help you level-up your content team by sharing our experiences growing Animalz to 50+ marketers, and holding senior content roles at companies like Help Scout and Quickbooks.

We'll answer your questions and help you tackle the biggest content marketing challenges around: team structure, process improvements, professional development, and much more.

We've designed this for...

💸 Businesses that want to achieve better ROI and outperform their competitors.

💪 Small content teams looking to make a big impact with a lean set-up.

📈 Bigger content teams looking to refine high-leverage articles and content campaigns.

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